Meat the fist/ Energy vampires

by The dream supreme



released November 23, 2013



all rights reserved


The dream supreme Modesto, California

The dream supreme started as a four track recording project in 2002. It then became my primary focus to lend my hand through music to help heal humanity.One celestial soul at a time.We are...the humans.

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Track Name: Energy Vampires
Soul suckers muther fuckers selfish lovers and dream crushers
well they prey on the weak in this land of milk and honey Fill our heads up with hate its sad they think it's funny send our children to war what for they're love of money
worst thing you can say to a person is it's hard loving you sometimes well it gets so hard to stay connected with those vampires attacking your mind you get stuck in the conciousnes cage and its hard to break free sometimes hello darkness its time you met my light
they spray clouds in the sky to opress our minds and as they block out the sun all is lost but not one